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The Issues

Learn more about the issues the NAACP tackles everyday to dismantle racism and build Black political, social and economic power.



Access to fair housing, well-being, and good health is a fundamental right for all individuals. Unfortunately, not everyone has equal access to these basic necessities. It is important that we work towards creating a more equitable society where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.


The cost of an unjust system is immeasurable. Discrimination, policing, prosecutions, and incarceration practices have a devastating impact on Black communities, perpetuating systemic racism and inequality. It is crucial that we work towards dismantling these systems and creating a more just and equitable society for all.



We believe that everyone deserves a fair chance at achieving American dream. That's why we're committed to a sustainable path that benefits all individuals, regardless of their background or circumstances. Join us in our mission to build a better future for all.


We are committed to creating a positive impact in our communities by advocating for the underrepresented, marginalized, and disadvantaged residents. Our goal is to change mindsets and paradigms through robust change initiatives that bring about lasting change. Join us in our mission to create a more equitable just society for all.



We believe that access to free high-quality public education is a fundamental for all individuals. Our mission is to fight for this right and ensure that every person has the opportunity to receive an education that will empower them to reach their full potential. Join us in this important cause and help us make a difference in the world.

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